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Beaconsfield is a charming and very well-heeled small town in Buckinghamshire. It is the home of the Defence School of Languages (DSL) as well as Bekonscot Model Village. One of these is a very small gathering of tatty buildings that sucker punters in for an amusing day out, and the other is a model village.

Beaconsfield is therefore cosmopolitan in nature, albeit with a heavy bias towards elitism, snobbery and rampant Toryism. It is entirely possible that Boris Johnson could walk into any pub in the town without getting bottled - a feat impossible anywhere else in the UK.

If you're really lucky, you may also bump into a few debonair students from DSL who will try their damnedest to use their 'school lingo' on you if female in order to come across all mysterious. Unfortunately, they look merely stupid. Still worth doing though, although best not to claim that Arabic is your primary language when you are clearly a third generation Etonian.