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Date Joined 03 November 2006
Posts A fair few
Location Midlands
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Female of the species of biblical proportions.

Habitat: generally found on barstools in less glossy establishments.

Feeds on: mostly chips,kebabs and small children.

Habits: drinking,sitting and emitting stenches previously only noted at the sulphur spouts of various volcanoes!

The "Bigbird67" is a unique creature. When not scoffing small children (normally her own), she can be found holding up Dale the Snail's hair so she can vomit freely. The Bigbird is the only living mammal that can touch her own belly with her tongue. Is partial to pork scratchings whilst still on the pig. Hides grown men under her bed (amongst the porn stash and empty voddy bottles).

It is generally accepted that she is single-handedly responsible for the current run of shite British weather. Her attempts at sky-diving caused the earth to tilt slightly on its axis, pushing the UK into an Arctic airstream. She did however get k13eod on another BLESMA dive trip, so the whole weather thing got brushed under the carpet.