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Bluffers Guide

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The Bluffer's Guide to Writing an ARRSEpedia article

If you're going to pen an article for the ARRSEpedia, can I make the following suggestions to help us all?

When you are posting, use the Preview button at the bottom of the page. If the link doesn't work, it will show red instead of blue. This works for all links, categories, templates etc. That way you can see there may be fiddling yet to do before you save your work.

Why bother about non-working links? The wiki will just add it to the list of Wanted Pages. That's fine if there really isn't a suitable link, but it's a faff when all you did wasn't spell the word the same way as the originator did. Not to say you spelled it incorrectly though ........

Use the search function, and try a few keywords that might give you a linakble page.


Articles in the ARRSEpedia are usually grouped by categories. It helps readers to find other items of interest that aren't hotlinked from your original article.

There is a list of current categories here. You can, of course create a new one, but please try and avoid doing that just by dint of a speelung mistale ....

To add a category, the easiest thing is to find an article in the category you want to use, open it in the edit window and just copy & paste the bit you need.

To start from scratch, the tag takes the form [[Category:Weapons]]. I've turned Wiki formatting off so you can see the text here.

Add it either at the top or bottom of your work, and you can put your article into one or more categories.


When contributing pages to the ARRSEpedia it would be helpful if would be ARRSEpedians took note of the following wise words of wisdom from Rabid Hams: "ARRSEpedia pages should be humorous, smutty, or relevant to the British Armed forces or so insulting as to be almost libellous ..... indeed a combination of all four in one article for best effect. In other words NOT like those that slim posts!" see [[Category:Slim's Bone Posts]] for examples, although, to be fair, Slim has been slightly better of late... awaits incoming.

Orphaned Pages

If you start a new page, without following an unfilled link from another page, or by starting in the "Wanted Pages" section, you may be creating an Orphan Page. This is a page that has no links coming in to it from elsewhere.

To avoid this, think of, or search for another page that may suitable to link in from, and edit it to provide that link.

Dead End Pages

This is the brother of the Orphaned Page. It's one with no links out of it.

It's easier to solve in many ways than the Orpahned Page, as all you need to do is create a link somewhere in the page to another article, and Robert is your mother's live in lover.

To create a link, the format is [[linkword]] (again, I've knocked the Wiki formatting off so you can see the text. Check your links work with the preview button.


more to follow