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Full to the brim with REME. Also the home of the finest churchyard dwelling Kebab Van on the planet.

Bordon is just a few miles away from Grayshott which is the location of one of the best Pubs in the country, The Fox & Pelican

If you happen to be stuck in Bordon (or Boredom as most call it), take a trip to the Q club on a Wednesday Night at about 20:00 ish. Depending on your luck, you will see decent looking/utter gripper strippers who will wander round after each performance demanding a pound off you. If you're lucky, they'll have 2 on one night.

The beer is pricey but it's the only chance you'll have of seeing some decent tits while you're there. (If you want to see a bunch of complete tits go into the WO's & Sgts Mess)

If the name of the stipper is mouse, then run away. She's a right howler, stinks of lube and gives herself an enema. Minging. I wouldn't touch her with Listy's.