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John Moses Browning.

Born in 1855, in Ogden Utah. Therefore a Mormon which, given his choice of profession, is slightly strange but we'll put that down to the confusion engendered by being born a spam.

One of the most innovative designers of firearms in recent history including the Winchester 1886 repeating rifle (as seen in nearly every good cowboy film). Also responsible for the repeating (people had tried this before but he made it work) & pump action shotgun.

More shamefully, responsible for the metal turd we are just getting rid of as the British Army pistol. It may have been the best thing since sliced bread in 1910 when he patented it but, let's be honest, even if it wasn't acquired through the Army procurement process, it is even more crap than the early SA-80 was.

Died in 1926 but the company goes on.