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Short hand name given to the people of the Medieval Eastern Roman Empire (330ad till 1453) due to the fact that their capitol (Constantinople - Modern day Istanbul) was built near to a small Greek town called Byzantium.

Collected an impressive number of opponents over their 1000+ year history - Persians, Arabs, Saracens, crusading Franks (basically French/German), Italians, Mongols, Alans, Huns, Seljuk Turks, Bulgars, Venetians, Russian Vikings (the Rus), Gepids, Goths (the barbarians, not the little girls in black makeup), Berbers, Muslims, Catholics, Ottoman Turks, Normans, Pechenegs, Serbs, Hungarians, Cumans, Kurds, Lombards and a few more I cant remember.

Thought of themselves as good christians but that didn't stop them handing out some serious shoeings ... although they did feel bad about it later.

Interestingly, their elite Imperial woodentops - the Varangian Guard - were partly made up of English soldiers with massive battlexes and drooping blond tour taches. Even today, archaeologists in Istanbul frequently discover heaps of rusting cans of mead and hastily carved representations of ladybits in the dusty recesses of the Hagia Sophia.