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ROK armed forces making friends in North Iraq

Pronounced 'Seemik', Civil Military Co-operation is a military doctrine. With a name like that, nothing can go wrong. Or at least that's what politicians believe. Currently the J9 function in deployed headquarters.

CIMIC is sometimes presented to the public as humanitarian actions carried out by the military. Politicians believe that whenever they place the word 'humanitarian' in front of a noun, the noun becomes acceptable to the electorate - i.e. humanitarian intervention, humanitarian mission, humanitarian shelling, etc.

Ideally CIMIC is put into practice when it’s absolutely necessary. But every nation has its own ideas on how to spend tax payers' money in far away countries. The necessity for the military to initiate civil projects is usually the existence of a gap or a vacuum in the mission area which nobody pays attention to and which could threaten the advancement of the military mission. Another popular use of CIMIC is to gain force protection or force acceptance.

Civilians in the field aren't always very keen on this concept and often enjoy a sing along on the top of their voices. Chanting: distinction, disctintion, distinction! Especially when the military tries to compliment the work civilians do: Those are the guys who are going to win it for us. Even though most civilian organisations can't get fcuk all done themselves in a mission area they often insist CIMIC will make things worse.

CIMIC is a part of the military mission and never a standalone operation. Although the ROK government has different ideas about this.

Not a case of 'find a bar, get p1ssed, civvies are paying', which we don't need a SO1 for (except for getting his round in, but they never do), more in the sense of 'replacing things that have had the shite blown out of them by the US Air Force': like bridges, schools, electricity generating plants, small 3rd world nations, etc, etc. Or, more realistically, paying US companies huge sums of taxpayers' cash to pretend to do the replacing whilst actually spending the money on the bosses' salaries and the CP costs for protecting people who go and train an eyeball on the bomb craters.

Apparently, we're told how to do it in Allied Joint Publication 9 or you could always check this hugely informative (TM) website.

We tend to do this with a mix of sappers, REME and TA bods with useful civilian skills, led by the Joint CIMIC Group. Other countries have specific CIMIC battalions (Dutch, German, Romanian & Spanish, at least).

Just to do things differently, the spams have 'Civil Affairs' units.

Nothing much to do with UK-based MACA or MACP.