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CSE Show

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Better than Carolgees

Sixty minutes' worth of forty-year-old erotic dancers backed by a '70s rock 'n' roll band. Usually no music is heard due to the two thousand Squaddies shouting "Get yer tits oot!" If only they would sign up Girls Aloud!

A very famous moment in CSE history was during a Saif Sareearrararea or whatever. They had done well in signing Steps, the quirky pop cover band popular amongst five year old girls and the mentally deficient. During a lacklustre performance of 'Tragedy' a few bootnecks got bored and started singing the following song: 'H, Show us your ring. H, H, Show us your ring!'

Within sixty seconds, the entire Brigade were singing along and it, fortuitously, stopped the show. The female members of the pop group were somewhat perplexed as to why the camp dancer was getting more attention than them, when they tentatively expressed their concerns to the audience they met the reply: 'Piss off you ropey slappers!' Which was nice.

Another classic CSE moment was when so called 'comic' and 'friend of the forces' Jim Davidson stormed off stage after being heckled by a REME tech who had politely and considerately asked about the health of his good lady wife. His best selling video of his CSE tour failed to show this event.