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Carpet Bombing

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Technique developed during WW2 to make up for inadequacies in the targeting of air delivered bombs.

  • First take 1000 heavy bombers.
  • Organise them into several formations over all 3 dimentions (length, depth and height)
  • Bring them together in an ordered fashion over a target (say a German city) at approximately the same time.
  • Drop payloads at roughly the same time spreading the lurve over a wide area not bothering who or what you blow to buggery.
  • Claim that the bombing won the war (disputed by just about everyone), accept your knighthood, 1st Baroncy, GCB, OBE and AFC.
  • Hope nobody turns around and asks "hey... weren't there some civilians around?"

The problem with bombing in WW2 was that only 1 in 10,000 bombs would land on target. Bomber Harris therefor decided that the best way to take out a target like a factory would be to drop 10,000 bombs over a city. One of thems bound to hit it!

Sir Arthur Travers Harris ... Britian's very own war criminal.