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Christ, what a mess. Would it not be better to restrict pages for specific corps units to their respective corps pages as sub cats rather than have them cluttering up the main index?

Obscure unit pages - wanted or otherwise - need sorting. It would help if the the individual who decided to create a link for 35 (Countess of Westmoreland's Own Militia) Troop, 67 Washing Machine Sqn, RLC (V) had the sense to at least write an entry for it, as he (or she) is obviously in that unit... and the chances of anyone else filling it in are... nil?

The usage of the word 'The' in a titular context also creates problems, as every fucking unit will appear under T. The AGC has two entries - one with 'The' and one without.

I'm quite happy to trawl through it and sort it out with redirects as necessary.

--Buck Felize 08:35, 7 December 2007 (UTC)