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Category talk:Utter Nonsense/Candidates For Deletion

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Just thought it would be nice to have a category where we could put the dross.

Hopefully this will make the mods job a bit easier.


Until the sock puppet mong responsible for 99.9% of the made up rubbish has his IP address indefinitely barred, then I think you're fighting a losing battle. It's a full time job re-categorising all that dross.

I am sick and tired of bad grammar, mong spelling and generally unimaginative bandwidth wastage. If it's uninformative, unfunny and or an obvious cut 'n' paste job from the web then do not bother, as it makes you just look a cnut - as does multiple IDs with obvious posting traits.


I apologise for my mong spelling and grammar but I do try to be funny and even relevant on occasion. The whole one line, shite entry, uncatted by obviously the same braindead cnut is pissing me off though. --Rabid Hams 22:36, 25 January 2007 (UTC)