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Chocolate Powder

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Mix with hot water, stir and you've got a mug full of hot water with brown lumps floating in it. After some hours of stirring and crushing with your cooking utensils, this will vaguely resemble hot chocolate, only it won't be hot any more.

Mix in some orange powder and it does taste a little bit better. Not much mind.

Add to rolled oats to find a feast fit for an emperor (of a very small poor nation granted).

Add to a coffee sachet and a sugar sachet with just enough hot water to make a paste known to the initiated as "devil's diahorrea". Has roughly the same effects (and side effects) as a healthy dose of amphetamine.

Hoarded by pads and taken home as a treat to thier caramac covered feral children along with the arabic Rolos and Yorkies that have faded to an off white colour similar to the chrispy white poodle turds that can be found on the pavements of Solihull.