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The word "Clip" is used to describe someone who is in a state of poor admin or is basically a professional Mong! The first confirmed case of "Clip" has recorded in late Summer of 2006 at BATUS. The squaddie was later identified as Fusilier Lenny Mitton, or "The Glove" to his platoon, was described as being in a state of severe "Clip". It was rumoured that his admin was so bad, he lost kit worth over £1000 in a period of 6 weeks. Fusilier Mitton later denied the claims he had been suffering from "Clip" and blamed his misfortunes on his fellow squaddies! But these alleged allegations against his fellow squaddies where later dismissed as "Bullshit".

Currently there is no known cure for those squaddies suffering from Clip. It is believed once diagnosed as being "In Clip", it will stay with you for life. However there have been rare cases where a beasting of sufferers can temporarily suppress it, although several attempts at this course of treatment on Fusilier Mitton have proved fruitless!

Not a magazine. This is important. Especially if you're using an SMLE in which case the magazine holds the clip and you only ever remove the magazine for cleaning. Or for that matter a GPMG.

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