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A traditional fighting knife of Chilean origin with a 12 inch curved blade. Similar in appearance to a grape hook, It was used during the 1879-1884 War of The Pacific although then not standard issue.

Per urban myth, Chilean soldiers would drink Chupilca del diablo, which would make them go bombed out crazy wielding their Corvo's killing their enemies. It was favoured by Pinochet's troops to round up and poke suspected Marxists up the brown hoop into football stadiums due to its curved blade.

When fighting with a Corvo, the wielder will not feint with the blade itself, traditionally it is used in conjunction with a rag, poncho or stick in the off-hand, which allows the bearer to parry an incoming attack. The orvo is then used to counter attack with a swiping, slashing or stabbing motion causing nasty results.

Due to the popularity of the Corvo, the Chilean army refined the weapon and added it to their arsenal. Today, the corvo is the traditional symbol of Chilean Commandos much like the Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife of the Royal Marines and its use is encouraged in training.