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Populated by a race of people famously described as 'Germans without the efficiency'.

Capital: Zagreb

But seriously, a lovely place, especially the coastal regions.

To cut a long story short, it started off modern history as a border region between christendom and the Ottoman Empire. The country then went through the upheaval of the first and second world wars, maintaining a staunchly right wing stance throughout (see Nazi), and ended up part of Yugoslavia at the end of the war.

Fought a war in 1990 for independence from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Then got embroiled in the Bosnia conflict 1991-1995. Did a few naughty things in those wars, but hey, who didn't?

Croatians regards the rest of the balkan peoples as a bunch of illiterate village bumpkins, echoing the view of the rest of Europe towards them.

Now trying very hard to attract tourist dollars back after the wars.

A member of the Pornoland Confederation.