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Food of the (Drunken) Gods.

Two main varities of this exist depending on wether you are in Berlin or the rest of the country.

The Berlin version which is where it was invented is made with a "Bruhwurst" which is a boiled sausage (sometimes called a Frankfurter by septics and others with no culture) or in the rest of the country they use a large German sausage called a Bratwurst which is fried or grilled. In the majority of cases the sausage is normally cut into small slices and covered with a warmed up peculiar Tomato Ketchup Curry sauce, or in the cheaper Schnellies it is covered in Ketchup and then librally sprinkled with either Curry powder or Paprika Powder. If you want the top of your head to blow off or have no taste buds left due to alcohol poisoning/mess curry nights then you can ask for "extra scharf" which means it gets a good dosing with Cayennepepper.

First invented by some mad German women in Berlin in 1949 and sold at her Brattystand it has since gone on to take over as the food to be eaten by drunken Germans and squaddies alike.