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Czech Republic

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Not so bad beer, but the food seems to consist of dumplings, pickled cabbage and greasified sausages that look like horses' willies. Also extensive user of the shelf-toilet. Thier nasty language sounds like thier mouths are full of shit it is regarded more foul than swearing.

You forgot that all the birds there are absolutely CRACKING and are gagging to do it with a Brit. Usually in the hope that you will take them back to the land of the dole handout. Which is NO USE to me because I'm a bird too (no, not that way inclined)*.

Bigger white flag wavers than the French[1]

Oh yes and Prague is full of Gippoes trying to pick your pockets. Lovely city though if you're interested in architecture and history.

  • Doesn't matter: I'll get my video camera and we'll make a fortune... (Who's this "we" white man?)

The Czech Republic is a member of the Pornoland Confederation.