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DIN 2007DIN03-006

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DIN 2007DIN03-006 Communicating with the public

Members of the Armed Forces and MOD Civil Servants must seek prior permission from DGMC if they wish to communicate about defence via books, articles or academic papers; self-publish via a blog, podcast or other shared text, audio or video; take part in external questionnaires, polls, surveys or research projects, speak at conferences, private engagements or other events where the public or media may be present; or contribute to any online community or share information such as a bulletin board (ESPECIALLY the scurrilous website known as ARRSE), wiki (again ESPECIALLY ARRSE's Wiki), online social network, or multi-player game.

...All contact with the news media on any topic relating to official Defence matters must be referred to the appropriate D News staff. This includes letters to newspapers, contributing to online debates, taking part in radio or TV programmes, or contact with the media at outside events such as conferences. The responsibility to comply with the Official Secrets Act lies with the individual.

In other words no member of the armed forces may talk/type/write/semaphore military stuff to anyone except military people ever ... and we really mean it this time. We're fed up with getting caught lying and if we try to shut the squaddies up from all their whyning about lack of kit/poor quality kit and being abandoned, may be we can get on with our empire building, collecting honours and avoiding spending money on those rough types out in Iraq and Afghanistan like Gordon told us to.