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Dad's Army

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The last line of defence!

BBC TV sitcom created by Jimmy Perry and David Croft in 1969.

Shows the WW2 British Home Guard in the fictional south coast resort of Walmington-on-Sea following the evacuation of France and the subsequent threatened invasion by the Axis.

A fine ensemble cast of British stage and screen veterans, along with top-notch writing, ensured its hallowed place in both the estimation and affection of the public ever since.

Still the best retort to anyone over the age of 10 who thinks that Allo Allo was class.

Supplied some memorable catch phrases:

  • "Stupid Boy!"' Captain Mainwarring about any mess up by Private Pike.
  • "'They dont like it up 'em!" Corporal Jones on everyone not British.
  • "We're DOOOOOOOOMED!" Private Fraser on any dodgy looking situation.

A movie similar to this show with some of the same actors came in 1973 called Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall and was based on the book by Spike Milligan.

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The below have a great deal of information that we only guessed at at the time ... i.e. Sergeant Wilson WAS boffing Pike's Mum and may well have been his father! A shocker huh?

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