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Danish Home Guard

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The Danish Home Guard or Hjemmeværnet is an all volunteer part-time military organisation with around 50,000 members (of which around 20,000 'active').

The Home Guard is at present undergoing a belated period of change. The end of the Cold War meant that training in guerrilla tactics and sabotage so we could resist the Soviet hordes was perhaps a tad passé.

In order to appease certain left-wingers in the government, the Home Guard is now also being trained to assist the civil powers in times of crisis.

Hjemmeværnet has four branches.

  • The Army Home Guard (Obviously the largest branch, including infantry, motorised recce, specialist guard units, local defence units, and auxiliary police units.)
  • The Airforce Home Guard (Mostly concerned with airfield defence)
  • The Maritime Home Guard (Coastal patrolling in small craft, plus defence of Naval installations and harbours)
  • The Infra-structure Home Guard (Defending and keeping vital installations running in time of crisis)

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