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David Miliband

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David just oozes... err... charm

David Wright Miliband, MP for South Shields (some idiot has to do it), Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (2007 - present) and one half of the perfidious cabal that is the Miliband brothers. This one is the bloke who puts the FO in Foreign Office.

It is extremely likely (inevitabe) that this political cockroach will be the next leader of the Labour Party when Gordon Brown finally succumbs to a knife in the back. Think of this fecker as Tony Mk.II - all polished sound bytes and evasive answers delivered with pathos - but with Gordon's terminal self-confidence that he's never wrong, and add to that the arrogance of both.

Rest assured, you don't attain such lofty heights of political success by being Mr Nice. This is the sort of cnut who dropped you in the shit at school, bubbled you to the prefects, and then laughed through the window as the skin was stripped from your pert buttocks courtesy of a length of garden cane and a very angry Headmaster. This is the fecking anti-Christ that will drag the country into the 9th Level of Hell if given half a chance. His name may as well be Damien!


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