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Deep Fried Meat Pie

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See the sub-category: Jockanese food

A normal meat pie is prepared by heating in an oven until cooked, then re-heating it in a grill, microwave or hot cabinet.

Unless you are in a Scottish chippy, where SOP seems to be to hoy it in the deep fat fryer to warm it up again.

My blood is 26% lard, my arteries are barely flowing due to furring, my liver hurts, my pancreas is the size of a small car due to overuse of sugar, and yet even I think this is a bit unhealthy.

See also highest heart-attack rate in the World

Arrsers! Ignore the philistine. Food isn't ready until it has been battered and deep-fried. Sausages, burgers, pies, pizzas (no, really) black pudding. Anything. It's what made the Scots what they are today; the unhealthiest nation on the planet.