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Denis Healey

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Major Baron Healey of Riddlesden is a former Secretary of State for Defence (1964-1970) and is from the days when most SoS's had actually served.

He served with the Royal Engineers in WW2 and was involved in organising the landings at Anzio.

During his tenure as SoS he was involved in some of the most swingeing defence cutbacks ever made, including cancelling full-size aircraft carriers and the much-lamented spotters favourite the TSR-2.

His politics were very left wing by today's standards; he had actually been a member of the pre-war Communist Party1 until he realised that this meant supporting Stalin and his then policy of non-aggression towards Hitler.

He continued to be very active in the extremes of the Labour Party throughout his career and introduced some of the most left wing policies ever seen from any British government - his tenure as Chancellor saw a top income tax rate of 83%.


1 - Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose2

  • 2 - Pretentious, moi?