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Dental Officer

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Two choices here, could either be as per the the party line which is as follows:

  • After 5 years training at a dental hospital and passing RCB a dental officer is commissioned into the RADC. The training does not stop there. In order to continue their career they are required to continue their development by passing punishing Royal College of Surgeon examinations as well as ROCC courses.
They are attracted to the Army often by the excellent facilities, salaried service, training and the life the Services offer.
They are able to choose a career as a staff officer if they complete ICSC and psc, they are also able to combine this with a clinical career.
Recruitment levels are high as dentist leave the NHS disillusioned by that organisation's lack of interest in patient care. Forces Dentists are able to provide optimal, cost effective treatment for the occupational needs of the Army and are willing to do this as far forward as the CoC allows. Dental officers are paid the market rate and pretty much deploy on Ops for free.

Or more than likely:

  • Warriors who generally believe that they are real officers even though they have the military experience of a 14 year old CCF Cadet.
They have to attend the "knife and fork" course at Sandhurst, also known as "vicars & tarts," which gives them enough knowledge to avoid embarrassing themselves at the dinner table but sadly, a small number of them believe that this imparts the experience and skills of Viscount Montgomery.
One of the most dangerous experiences ever in the army is being the RCO on the day that the dental, medical and nursing officers are doing their weapons test.

Take your choice.