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Dental Support Specialist

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Two choices here, could either be as per the the party line which is as follows...

  • A Dental Professional registered with the General Dental Council.
They are the keypin to modern dentistry. Without a DSS a Dental Officer will be swimming in saliva and administration. The DSS is nimble and elegant ensuring sterile instruments are used for each patient and moving on to manage the general administration of a practice.
They work in partnership with the dentist to monitor patient comfort throughout the appointments and are a vital team member in dental emergencies.
They are able to specialise in oral health promotion, dental radiology and assistance during dental sedation and orthodontics.
Patients often thank the dentists whilst failing to acknowledge the DSS.
Since Jun 08 they are registered professionals. They can own dental practices and employ dentists. They are oblige to maintain continuing professional education.

Or more than likely...

  • Dentist's teaboy.
The latest trendy name for a job that provides some support (usually via a cup of tea) but is rarely specialist.
In the real world the Dental Support Specialist is called a Dental Nurse but is not a nurse either. She is a 17 year old girl with acne called Katy who comes from a nice middle class home but is thick as a docker's butty. The army give them a big name to make them feel valued and they are usually a sergeant by the time they finish puberty.

Take your choice.