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Department of Misinformation

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The cunning method of orchestrated alarm chosen by the current government for getting its Orwellian OTT criminal justice/terrorism /illegal immigrant legislation accepted without the civil liberties people needing medical resuscitation.

Process is as follows:

  • Leak very frightening information to the tabloids, i.e. that 500,000 Eastern European rapists/mass murders/terrorists have slipped into the country.
  • Await public terror and screams for action.
  • Rush half arrsed, poorly conceived legislation through the Commons.
  • Accuse the Lords of being obstructionist when they quite rightly ask for clarification/moderation.
  • Deny costs will be outrageous - rubbishing anyone who disagrees with their costing analysis.
  • Return to point 1 as soon as civilians suggest government is over-reacting.

This process has badly backfired as civilians are now so frightened and distrustful of the government, ANY news story involving violence/death/crime results in panicy screams for action. The government is now so reactive that they have started rubbishing their own reforms and blaming others (i.e. judges for implementing Government guidelines) without realizing.

Current panics are over knife crime, immigration, peadophiles, terrorism, hoodies, race crimes (i.e. Scotland not supporting Ingerlund in the World Cup), length of sentences for criminals etc. and there are probably more to come!

Whatever you think of the film overall, the recent film V for Vendetta is a good example of where this sort of behavior will lead.

I hear that!