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Dogface is an American user who is infatuated by guns, weapons and the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms or arm bears or indeed anything gun related.

Loves an argument and cannot go a single thread without mentioning his collection of guns or the fact we brits are not 'trusted' by our government to have weapons. He seems to draw a lot of Flak for this, but most is good humoured and results in entertaining banter.

His style is to respond by quoting someone and picking it to bits. He either has a super-dry sense of humour or is completely lacking one. Either way he holds his own against other Arrsers.

He is an invaluable user and I am sure that ARRSE would be a duller place without him. He is however, likely to be beaten to death by pacifists that he has worked into a frenzy though his gun fixated preaching.