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This is what drugs do to you - seriously. And did you know this is the bloke who also played 'Orrible Ives on Porridge?

A drug is technically any non-nutritive substance which changes the function of the body.

Many people use drugs, psychoactive and otherwise. These people may or may not be losers. Emos are, and particularly like drugs as a prelude to their cutting sessions and to also make themselves sound more hard core.

Anorexic 16 year old girls may also eat drugs such as amphetamines and their lesser relatives ephedrine and arsenic as a way of avoiding actual food. They also eat laxatives, but see these as the most recreational of drugs, and mainly take them for the sheer pleasure. Anorexics generally like to boast about their laxative intake.

People who hate both their lives and drugs often claim to be "high on life". Dr. A R R Ser has studied this phenomenon and claims that these people are lamers who have never taken a mind-altering drug.