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Drunken Posting

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Drunkenness is a magical state of consciousness which enables the end user to accomplish marvelous tasks. It also grants the user the ability to make astonishing deductive leaps, see into the future and solve some of humanity's most challenging intellectual Gordian Knots.

Some ARRSErs feel so moved they must share their voyage of cosmic discovery. Here is but one example:


Inevitably, some questions need answering:

  • 1. The poster is sufficiently 'riled up' to contemplate 'following up', but by what means, we wonder?
  • 2. We are invited to follow a link but the absence thereof merely makes the situation more suspicious.
  • 3. The mystery deepens as it is revealed that the poster is at the Point of No Return, perhaps?
  • 4. It is encouraging to see that the stages of 'Kill it' and 'Fcuk it' are entirely separate.
  • 5. Some discussion about reaching for something unknown: it's like reading an excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita.
  • 6 Where is 'BRIGHTO'? Perhaps it is something akin to Nirvana: a vast unknowable place. Wherever it is, it holds all the answers.
  • 7 It has been a 'bad night', presumably because the answers to the creation of the Multiverse have been within reach, but....
  • 8 More is promised.


As opposed to scuttling off under a rock, claiming spurious deep emotional pressures, threatening suicide and the usual lack of acceptance of guilt so common to ARRSE and stupid posts, Titch re-appeared on thread much later and revealed the source of his angst.

So pretty much fair play to the fella!