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Erwin Schatzer (Argentina)

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Argentine chap of German ancestry (the name's the giveaway), who maintains that the Brits lost 1000 men in the Falklands, most of the ships, and more aircraft than they took down there, all based on a single, uncorroborated book from 1983.

He therefore must believe that all the official Rolls of Honour and South Atlantic Medal Association lists of the fallen are part of some major coverup by a Democratic government to cover up the scale of the British defeat in the Falklands.

Also believes that Kolaphur Bhopal was a Gurkha killed in the Falklands, and not two Indian towns, one of which suffered an exceptionally nasty chemical incident courtesy of Union Carbide.

The other 29 are in the List of Gurkhas supposedly killed in the Falklands and what their "names" actually mean

Also thinks that the Brits were going to nuke Cordoba.

His friend is Irish Duck who also believes the above. Both the above came to ARRSE via the website.

Furthermore, Erwin believes that the British and the French were jointly responsible for the development of discrimination/racism. Whether this was developed in partnership with regards to those known formerly as 'wogs' or whether it was developed in regard to each other, remains unclear thus far.

Erwin also claims to have done his national service with the Argie "Commando's", which presumably involved Latin/South American themed commando tests, including the "Tight White shirt commando challenge" the "Moped Tarzan Course", "The Nine whore speed shag", "The hairstyle endurance course" and, most gruelling of all "The 30 Marlboro". And last but certainly not least, the mass, synchronised comedy martial arts display in skin-tight DPM with yellow cravat and mirror shades.

A marvellous example of what propaganda can produce, even after it has been discredited...

He is also an Arrse user, as well as an arse-user. He has a habit of being hugely enthusiasitc in his use of Smilies and one line posts! Hes a dullard