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The FR F2 (French: Fusil à Répétition modèle F2; English: Bolt-action Rifle, F2 model) is the standard sniper rifle of the French military. It is designed for shooting at point targets at distances up to 800 meters.

The FR-F2 is an upgrade from the FR F1. It was manufactured by MAS (an abbreviation of Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne - one of several government-owned arms factories in France). MAS now belongs to GIAT Industries, now NEXTER.

The rifle barrel is thermally shielded along a considerable part of the barrel by a polymer shroud. It uses 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition, and is equipped with a scope, French army standard issue being either an APX L806 or SCROME J8 (Army) or Nightforce NXS (Air force) or Schmidt & Bender 6x42 mil-dot (Navy). The FR F2 utilizes the same bolt design as the older MAS-36 infantry rifle.