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Facebook, for those that have just arrived on the planet, is a social networking site. It has the following main purposes:

  • To facilitate communication over the interwebs. Much of said comms consists of “dd u gt my txt?”.
  • To allow the user to build up an impressive array of “friends” that they’ve never heard of.
  • To allow dull people to list their favourite music and films in the deluded belief that someone, somewhere, actually cares (if they did they would ask).

As with all communications technologies there are some people that will use it for their own evil ends and so it’s no surprise that it’s also the haunt of the foul and devious walt. It’s the ideal medium for spreading word of the amazing exploits that won you the MC and bar after being inserted by HALO into Nam with nothing more than a silenced spud gun. All of which you can’t really talk about.

Of course Facebook is only one of the many networking sites that the walt frequents. Take our hero Mike Golden and his many sites, for example. Not so much Special Forces as Special Needs.