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Fanny Batter

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The lubricating fluid that is secreted, or in the more impressive cases actually squirted, from the vagina prior to, during and after sexual congress.

Often found encrusted in the lady's quim after a heavy session of hiding the sausage or drinking from the furry love cup. Often also found liberally coating mattrasses in catholic girls' school dormitories after a heavy session of clamjousting.

Has a delicate aroma similar to kippers or, perhaps, salted anchovies which, as it happens, are the principle ingredient of Gentlemen's Relish.


"She came so much I thought I was going to drown in her fannybatter."

Source: A wishful thought by Cutaway, whilst harrassing one of the Windowlickers in his concealed cellar. 17 Aug 2004

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