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"You lookin' at me? You talkin' to me? Hey... I'm the only one here!' I'm gonna blow your muthafcukin' head off, you goddamn muthafcukin' muthafcuker!" but delivered in either Arabic or a Yorkshire accent. Not to be confused with a Wah.

Fatwahs can be declared on you for many reasons including for being a bit thick. Time was, holy war was only declared on those who really pissed off the entire muslim people (although being on land they wanted was usually good enough reason). Currently just being alive can be sufficient to get your ass wasted by some kamikaze raghead with a desire to see the afterlife RIGHT NOW!

Funnily enough you never hear about the 'Fatwah on Drugs', 'Fatwah on Poverty' or a 'Fatwah on Terror'. Funny that!