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Fire Plan

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A Fire Plan is a plan for fire.


Usually a co-ordinated series of targets engaged sequentially by the artillery, it can also feature armed aviation (LYNX with TOW, APACHE or similar), supporting fire from tanks, GPMG SF, EW, Mortars, CAS, Naval Gunfire Support and anything else the FOO or BC can lay his grubby hands on.

Most fire plans start life assuming that timings will not need to be changed after the FOO and Ack have spent much time and burnt much sugar working out when the guns need to fire to hit the target at H minus some arbitary figure.

This laughable optimism rarely survives the first serial, with much use thereafter of the dread phrases of CPOs eveywhere, "Modify Fireplan", "Dwell On ...", "Adjust all timings by plus 3 minutes" etc etc.

Eventually, the brain of the FOO melts, at which stage the order "All Serials On Call" is given, and the carefully worked plan reverts to shooting shells at stuff when the FOO shouts "Fire".