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Potential Officer.
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Club Scrummy.

Daddies Girl from the Big Smoke. Likes to make out that she's worked in far flung places like New York, but we all know that mummy sent her there with unlimited credit cards.

Has an amazingly dry wit and one of the few birds which one can have 'proper' banter with. She could be the ultimate woman. It just remains to be tested whether she can cook and suck a golf ball through a hosepipe.

Could depend how long the hosepipe is ... can we get a definitive Arrse definifition from a mod please?

Like to partake in drunken dancing (and in my imagination, touching) with Officers Bird


Has quit her job and become a 'lady of leisure' (AKA living off mummy and swanning around in the country). Is supposed to be getting herself into shape, but all we keep seeing is the fabloned biff chit.