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Full Metal Jacket

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You Fucking Worm!

Otherwise forgettable 'Nam movie had it not been for the performance par excellence of a certain R Lee Ermey. Ermey played the part of a USMC drill pig whipping some nigs in to shape for a tour of Vietnam. Ermey's performance was mainly due to him being an ex-marine DI, he was not actually cast for the role but was brought in as adviser on the boot camp, but after Kubrick saw a video tape of Emery in action, where he hurled insults and abuse for 15 minutes without repetition and while being hit with tennis balls, Kubrick decided to put him to the position. Shot in two acts: USMC Depot Parris Island (actually Bassingbourn) and Huế[1] (actually Beckton Gas Works...) it's certainly worth a look in if you haven't already seen it - or been to South London). "Steers 'n' queers?" Priceless!

Listen to him here.

R Lee popped up on a Texan sport radio station (1310 The Ticket[2]) as an unofficial 'analyst' of Gulf War II. He was asked how he viewed the (then unpopular) anti-war movement which included such notables as Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore. His reply including "...kicking Moore in his fat face till his whole family was hurting" is played to this day as a humorous 'drop'.

The was Stanley Kubrick's penultimate film. It details the life of Private "Joker" who is played by Matthew Modine. Private Joker goes from boot camp to being sent out to Vietnam and how the lives of these young men are affected by what they witness. The tag line for this film is 'In Vietnam The Wind Doesn't Blow It Sucks' which I would guess would where we get the infamous "Welcome to the Suck"; parallels can be drawn between this film and Jarhead.

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