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Gammon Face

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Gammon /ˈɡamən/-face ['angry pink faced white people']


[British mass noun]

1. In the New Left online lexicon: gammon-face is a pejorative Corbynite term popularised by petulant racist Left Wing types perpetuating race wars - denigrating anonymous "middle-aged white males" who apparently "get pink in the face", or "the great wall of gammon".

  you gammon-face ; the misogynist gammon-faced Klan members of arrse (user Mothman and fellow travellers).
  A term as dripping with contempt as cooked ham drips with grease - which "provides a key insight into the psychology of the Labour leader’s outriders" (journalist Lucy Fisher).


Precisely who started the current trend is uncertain, but it's been used by Corbyn supporters and radical Remainers - frequently on ARRSE - to define themselves against the general dismissal and mockery from the mainstream political commentariat. Originating in the political arena, the insult also appeared in newspaper columns discussing a famously puce former British Prime Minister.

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