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Gavrillo Princip

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"Oh come on Gavrillo, what possible difference can one bloke make to the world?"

A Bosnian1 freedom fighter who is most famous for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary2. He is perhaps less well remembered for his ground-breaking stand on ethical produce & recycling and his hilarious stand-up comedy routine which was described by the Sarajevo Star as "a tour de force of politically charged comedy, combined with a perfectly judged leavening of slapstick".

He had been rejected some years before by the Serbian guerrillas for being physically unsuitable; and "small man syndrome" seems to have affected him quite badly, eventually resulting in him shooting the archduke and his wife with a Serbian guerrilla supplied pistol. Their deaths are generally regarded by historians as having little or no effect on the march of history, save for the triggering of a minor conflict which was confined to the Balkans.

He was too young to be executed for the murders and was imprisoned until his death in 1918, so he will have witnessed most of WW1 from his prison cell.

His house in Sarajevo was destroyed in the war, but rebuilt as a museum, then destroyed again in WW2, then rebuilt again by the Yugoslavian government, then destroyed again in the Bosnian war of the nineties. They've got sick of rebuilding it so have decided just to have the blue plaque as it's cheaper.


1 Although he would undoubtedly have preferred to be described as Yugoslavian or Serbian.

2In recent years of course this has provided an opportunity for schoolboys to sing "Take me out" in the middle of History lessons. Bring back the days of singing "This means nothing to me!" and "Ahhh, Vienna!!" whenever The Congress of Vienna was mentioned.