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Gepard M1

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Gepard M1
Country Of Origin Hungary
In Service 1990 - Present
Used By Hungary, USA, Various Former Soviet Nations
Wars None
Effective Range 2,000m
Maximum Range 2,250m
Weight 38.5lbs
Length 61.8 Inches
Cartridge 12.7mm x 107mm

The Gepárd anti-material rifles are a family of Hungarian weapons designed to destroy unarmoured and lightly armoured targets. These long range, large calibre rifles have high accuracy as well as high muzzle velocity. The Gepárds originate from World War I German 13mm anti-tank rifles created to damage the primitive armoured vehicles developed by the British.

Comparison with M82

The Gepárd M-1 is widely considered to be an effective weapon. For this reason, many have sought to compare it to its Spam equivalent, the M82 Barrett. Most users claim the rifles to be very even, but many prefer the Gepárd.

Rifle Gepárd M-1 M82
Effective range 2000 m 1800 m
Magazine capacity 1 10
Caliber 12.7 x 107 mm .50 BMG
Muzzle velocity 840 m/s 854 m/s
Barrel length 1100 mm 737 mm
Total length 1570 mm 1448 mm
Empty weight 17.5 kg 12.9 kg