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Gorilla Snot

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Axle grease used by the army, looks like guy the gorilla hocked it up and is stickier than Sticky the stick insect's sticky bits.

OX-8 ( I think) delete / correct as applicable. XG279 would be the stuff.


Beverage used during games nights and dares. A mix of 3 parts Baileys to 1 part Port.

Leave to curdle for a few minutes and it's like a vile alcoholic angel delight.The challenge is to see who can consume it without vomiting. Must be placed in a pint glass or largest glass or container possible for human consumption.

This 'drink' can consist of various alcoholic beverages. Anything you have left in the back of your cupboard may suffice. Here is where that old bottle of Port comes in handy. The secret elixer, however, must be Baileys. This will cause the desired curdling action to induce vomiting at the required time.

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