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A young man who has aspirations of the speshul forces variety. He may indeed be just right for the job ... he certainly is 'speshul'.

Presumed to be a player of the pink oboe as shown in this thread

Within a short number of threads, this young chap has demonstrated a sharp wit and an intriguing grasp of the English language. Some of his best bits are:

"ur not funny ur a * cocksuckeer fatherless ana al;l a bunch of * fagots, * you asll ur all jus pussys and ill propa kick ur asses when im in. im goin to basic on monday but them nost of u lot arnt even propa solders are u!! lol, ur jus a bunch of saddos thhat sit in this gay site all week * YOU ALL!!!!!"!11!!!!!!!!!!"

and who can forget his response to Arby's suggestion that he purchase a airsoft L21A1...

"arby ur a * dick sducker you s***! u think im stupid but ur the * cocksucker! theirs no such thin as a rarden airsoft!!i looked on google and ur jus bein a dick! u all rekon ur really smart an hard bu t i could well beat u! im goin to be the mature one and ignore the coments here and go somewere else for help, u lot in th enaffi are just dicks!!!!!11!!"

Gothpanda often takes the high ground when discussions become heated, as is demonstrated below...

"* you all yuor all dicks. thanks to the ppl thta hav givn me good asnwers but the rest o f you can all * off and shag your mums or something cocksuckers."

For some more background to this extraordinary young ... errr ... person, look no further than his very own Naafi thread