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Gravel Pit

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The Gravel Pit Monchengladbach - If you have booked your flight to Ibiza STOP! Instead change your ticket, go to Germany and Check out europe's Top Club/Bar The Gravel Pit. The decor is a bit abstract, with Cam nets hanging subtley from the Ceilings, and the walls adorned with Graffiti, giving the Place that Chic kind of look. The music will instantly attract you to the dance floor, here you can groove to the latest in Cheesey German Trance and Techno, not even in Ibiza's Space Night Club will you hear such tunes, even your man Pete Tong, won't have the tunes on his playlist. This only adds to the exclusivity of the Place. The crowd is a mixture of up-for-it Locals and English People, don't be fooled into thinking this is a "Squaddie Bar", it's not, it's just a coincidence that so many English males flock here from the UK, wanting to let their hair down in this Clubbing Mecca, and listen to some intelligent dance Music. And who would blame them, as the place is heaving with just as many Beautiful women, eager to talk and dance with you till the wee hours of the morning. The Gravel Pit, is the new Cafe Del Mar, the Club/Bar of the future, call it what you will, but a cheap hovel, it is not??