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Great Military Triumph

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To the untrained eye, it is often difficult to differentiate this from a Great Military Disaster. The give away signs are normally huge numbers of enemy casualties, huge numbers of friendly casualties and medals for all senior officers involved.

VERY occationally a Great Military Triumph takes place where one side wins big BUT no-one gets hurt.

  • The Seige of Seville: In 1078 King Alfonso VI of Castile prepared for a seige to drive out the moors. When the Moorish ruler heard that Alfonso was a chessplayer he challenged him to a game for possession of the City. The Moorish chess champion won and the Castilians lifted the seige.
  • Constantinople 1261: The Crusaders who had captured Constantinople in 1204 (The Crusades) stupidly left the City undefended while their fleet took to sea. While they were out, future emperor Alexios and 500 mates walked in and took over the city.

Something the French don't know much about

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