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Grob Tutor

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Small, white and pitifully powerless piece of Swiss rubbish that seems to cause any ATC cadet who looks at it to immediately vomit. The helmets the users are forced to wear are so tight, many cadets are given an accidental lobotomy when their brains get forced out of their nose in high G turns. Still, with most air cadets this results in a drastic improvement in attitude and mental performance.

Instructional video

The highlight of most cadets visit to an AEF is still the instructional video everyone is forced to watch before a flight. The atmosphere in the room is at its most intense when instructions of how to move the pedals towards or away from you are aired. But the most eagerly anticipated scene is when the instructions of what to do when you feel unwell are given. The conversation between yourself and the pilot should run like this according to the video:

Spotty cadet: Sir, I'm awfully sorry, but I do actually feel slightly unwell.

Old bloke with amazingly large glasses: Hmm, how jolly rotten for you old boy. Sit tight and we'll have this bird on the deck in a jiffy. Meanwhile it would be a spiffing idea if you were to take out that sick bag old fruit.

However, it seems nearly all cadets have lost interest in the video by this point as the usual conversation in the cockpit when a cadet feels unwell would go something like this:

Spotty cadet: Sir, I feel slightly.....BLUERGH....whoops...

So in summary, small, cramped, uncomfortable aircraft, nearly always broken, smell of sick. Avoid at all costs.