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Gyros is the Greek version of the Kebab, made with much darker meat of undetermined origin grilled to within a fraction of being burned and can be purchased all over Germany at any time of day or night. It comes in several forms depending on your mood or state of intoxication.

  • Gyros Pita - A pita bread, soaked in oil and grilled, filled with crispy Gyros meat, pickled cabbage and onions, smeared with Tzatziki (garlic sauce), topped with a slice of tomato and a pepper and wrapped with paper to enable you to eat it on the move. This form of Gyros should come with a few warnings. Don't wear light coloured clothing. Don't handle anything afterwards. Don't get too close to anyone for several hours after eating it.
  • Gyros Teller - A plate piled until it's overflowing with Gyros, chips and pickled cabbage, covered in Tzatziki (garlic sauce) and onions and topped off with a slice of tomato and a couple of peppers. This is not a meal to eat on the move and don't fall asleep while eating it as some of the ingredients could cause blindness if you fall into them. You won't need seconds!