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The annual pilgrimage of Muslims to the holy city of Mecca. In a nutshell, the Hajj is an over-subscribed toga party that sees 80% of the World's population converge on a city the size of Leicester - though there is little visible difference between the two.

Once there, the faithful spend their time praying, shouting, throwing stones at a rock, wandering around a large black box and trying to find a decent unblocked bog before (ultimately) being trampled to death. The upside of this is a meet up with Allah for a quick chat before signing for the seven shaved virgins and spending the rest of one's ethereal existence in paradise.

20061001220111_29.jpg Spot the Muslim

Seen by some as a target-rich environment, the Hajj would be the ideal time to let rip with a couple of high yield buckets of sunshine, thus eliminating a sizable slab of jundies in a one-er. Good drills!