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Hans Kundt

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Feck off you kundt!

Hans Kundt (Pronounced Cunt, seriously) was a German military officer. He was the primary military figure of Bolivia during the two decades preceding the Chaco War.

Kundt directed the Bolivian Army against Paraguay in the Chaco War, as Commander in Chief. However, he failed to utilise Bolivia's superior weaponry, tanks and air force, using futile tactics such as frontal assaults against well-defended positions. He also failed to properly attend to logistics, or keep track of enemy maneuvers. Unit after unit of the Bolivian army were surrounded and destroyed. Kundt was relieved of command by Daniel Salamanca, due to a significant setback suffered in December 1933. He then left the country and returned to Germany.

To be honest, Kundt displayed excellent qualities as an administrator and dedicated instructor, and was concerned for the well-being of his blokes. However, during World War I Kundt demonstrated a mediocre grasp of tactics, preferring frontal assaults in most situations. Despite his knowledge of staff issues, he was a crap strategist which led to his kicking. Despite the Bolivian military's focus on the Chaco in the 1920s, Kundt never visited or familiarised himself with the region, and his concept of the war with Paraguay was essentially that of a triumphant, unopposed march across the region by Bolivian troops. Kundt was reluctant to depend on his Bolivian officers (though many were quite capable), and preferred to supervise military operations directly.