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Harry Turtledove

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American author, Born Los Angeles 1949

Wrote some rather good books alternative history novels. He has the ability to create a time line that suits the story. His fantasy novels have won awards over the years.

  • Guns of the South - Members of AWB supply the Confederates AK-47s to defeat the Union armies.
  • How few remain - See Time line 191
  • Days of Infamy + End of the Beginning - December 7th followed up by IJA invading Hawaii.
  • Ruled Britannia - Armada not sunk.
  • In the Presence of Mine Enemies - Third Reich Triumphant..
  • Give me back my Legions - Romans fighting for Germany.
  • Hitlers War - No piece of paper waved by Chamberlain.

Note: It should be noted that these alternate history books, like Harry Harrison's, involve the USA and frequently have the USA winning control of the world and being loved for doing so. Its sort of the exact opposite of what normally happens when the US fecks over some country. To show you that its total fiction, the US turns up promptly for wars and DOESNT spend the first few years of any war making a profit by supplying both sides... or shooting lots of its allies and own troops.