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Home Guard

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Class of 1940

World War Two outfit popularised - even immortalised - by the 1970s television series Dad's Army.

The Home Guard was raised after Dunkirk when the threat of German invasion was very real... and coming to a beach near you... extremely soon.

With much of the British Army's equipment left behind in France, there was little in the way to equip the regulars let alone a body of older, medically unfit (but willing to do their bit) weekend/evening warriors. It took many many months before the Home Guard had anything like sufficient kit, but they were effective in raising morale, capturing downed German pilots, shooting at downed allied Polish pilots and in general showing khaki at a time it was needed most.

While more than a simple morale raising exercise, the military value of such a body is questionable although the equivalent organization in Berlin gave the Russian Shock Armies a surprise before they were pounded into the rubble.

A latter day incarnation of the Home Guard surfaced in the 1980s as the Home Service Force. Neither the Home Guard or the HSF are to be confused with the TA of today.